Oregon Retrouvaille Community By-Laws


The Retrouvaille ministry of the Catholic Archdiocese of Portland is affiliated with Retrouvaille International.  Retrouvaille is a ministry to troubled marriages and as such, is designed to provide help for couples who are living with the disappointment and pain of a marriage in trouble.  The program is designed to get husbands and wives to communicate, to turn to one another and begin talking at a feeling level.  Because such a program requires organization and the commitment to perform certain tasks, we establish a Board of Directors and these Bylaws.  This Board of Directors shall form a Christian community as the spiritual foundation of its ministry to those hurting marriages, and the Bylaws shall reflect this Christian commitment.


PURPOSE:  The purpose of the Board of Directors of Retrouvaille is as follows:

1) Perform assigned duties for the Retrouvaille program for the Archdiocese of Portland.

2) Manage the business affairs of Retrouvaille.

3) Initiate and implement proposals directed toward the fostering and implementation of the Retrouvaille ministry throughout the Archdiocese.

4) Elect members to the Retrouvaille Board of Directors.

5) Maintain a high quality program in compliance with the bylaws and mandates published by Retrouvaille International.


All Board members will be active participants in CORE (Continuing Our Retrouvaille Experience) meetings and shall continue to seek other opportunities for enriching their marriages.


COMPOSITION: The Retrouvaille Board shall be composed of eight (8) couples and one (1) Chaplain.  The retiring Coordinating couple shall be ex-officio, non-voting members of the Board for a period of one year, even though their years of eligibility as a Board member have been completed.

The Board positions include:  Coordinating Couple, Deputy Coordinating Couple, Finance Couple and Secretary Couple. Other positions within the Community structure include, but are not limited to, Registration/Interview Couple, Weekend Coordinators, Post Weekend Coordinators, CORE Coordinators, Pulpit Talk Coordinators, and Publicity Coordinators.


TERMS OF OFFICE:   Term of office for Board members is two (2) years, with the Deputy Coordinators moving into the Coordinator position at the end of their term.  A second term of two (2) years is permissible if a couple assumes a different position or if they are needed to remain in the current position, and if the Board approves.  After four (4) years on the Board, a couple must be replaced.  A couple may be re-elected to the Board after having been off the Board for two (2) years. It is desirable, but not required that a couple have several months apprenticeship, working closely with the couple they will replace on the Board. The Chaplain will be eligible to serve two consecutive two (2) year terms.


NOMINATIONS AND SELECTIONS:  Elections will be held in January of even numbered years for board positions and annually in January for elected-community positions.  All Board elections will be by written ballot and require a simple majority.  All Community elections will be by a show of hands and require a simple majority. Couples may be nominated to a Board or Community position after completing a Retrouvaille weekend and then actively volunteering and attending community events for a six month period.  Couples may vote during elections after completing a Retrouvaille weekend and then actively volunteering and attending community events for a six month period.  Board members and Community positions are elected as couples.


VACANCIES: Vacancies on the Board will be filled by the retiring Coordinating couple, Deputy Coordinating Couple or other Board members until the vacancy is filled by Board appointment of a couple to complete the term vacated.



Board members are elected as couples, but each individual has a vote.  Voting for the transaction of business will be by voice, proxy or a show of hands, except for Board elections and require a simple majority.  Business transacted by the Board is to be considered of a confidential nature.  As a minimum, the Board of Directors shall meet at least two weeks prior to the beginning of a Retrouvaille program, (Weekend) and/or two weeks after the beginning of the Retrouvaille program (Weekend).  The time and place will be designated by the Coordinating couple.  Notice of time, place and purpose of the meetings shall be mailed / emailed to each member no less than seven days prior to the meeting.  A simple majority of the voting members of the Board must be present in person to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.  For the convenience of getting a majority vote for an emergency board meeting Board members can be contacted by phone or email.  A majority would consist of three votes.  Each vote must be from a different couple (one vote per couple) that is eligible to vote.

The Board reserves the right to hold a closed meeting at any time for any single issue that would be considered a breach of confidentiality at a regular community business meeting. All participating Board members shall be informed that a meeting is taking place at which official business may be transacted.


DEPOSITORIES:  Institutions for deposits of funds will be selected by the Coordinating and the Finance couples and approved by the Board.  The Coordinating Couple and the Finance Couple will be the authorized signatories on bank accounts.


AMENDMENTS:  Any proposed amendment to the bylaws must be submitted in writing.  Each Board member should receive a copy of any such amendment no less than seven (7) days prior to the meeting at which such proposal will be considered and voted on.  Amendments to the bylaws will require a 2/3 majority of the Board.


COMPLIANCE WITH RETROUVAILLE INTERNATIONAL BYLAWS:  All Bylaws of Oregon Retrouvaille shall be in accordance with the Bylaws of Retrouvaille International.  Should any conflict occur, the International Bylaws shall prevail.