Program Cost

Registration Fee A registration fee of $300 for the initial weekend at the retreat facility is required to confirm your reservation. There is limited capacity, so early registration is necessary.

On the weekend, you will be asked to make a donation. Your donation helps cover the full expenses of both the Weekend and the Post-Weekend phases and since Retrouvaille is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, your donation may be tax deductible within the framework of the law.

No couple is ever denied the chance to heal and renew their marriage because they are facing financial difficulties. This concern should not influence your decision to come to Retrouvaille.

Costs may vary for each session, depending on the facilities and number of participants. Please call 503-225-9191 or 800-470-2230 or e-Mail for more information.

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June 22-24, 2018
October 12-14, 2018
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