Formation Weekend

The Formation Weekend is: 

  • A program that provides insight into the Retrouvaille program that will enable participants to be more fully prepared to help the ministry in any capacity. The Formation Weekend is beneficial in that it provides an opportunity that calls participants to share deeply with each other and with other couples and priests as well.
  • A powerful vehicle for God’s love and healing to enter our lives. For each couple, the goals of the Formation Weekend are to enable them to enrich their relationship, to further their healing process, to build trust and respect in their relationship. It’s the continuing process of healing that began on their Retrouvaille Weekend.
  • A time for couples and priests to look deeply into themselves, their relationship with each other and with God, and to discern the level of commitment they choose to offer a hurting world in the Retrouvaille program.

The Formation Weekend is about the further formation of each attending couple and priest as peer ministers, not talk writers. The Formation Weekend is dedicated to helping couples and priests understand the full scope of our ministry. It is about being inspired and inspiring others. It is about saying “yes” to reaching for deeper intimacy in relationship, saying “yes” to reaching for the courage it takes to make a difference in our society, saying “yes” to going beyond ourselves and making use of our God-given gifts.

The talks we write are a direct byproduct of our relationships. Only a deep and intimate relationship can lead to the presentations that hurting couples need and deserve. Relationship, then, is the focus of the Formation Weekend.

The most critical need of any organization is the development of effective leadership. The most important component of Retrouvaille leadership is the ability to provide direction and vision to the Retrouvaille community.

We believe you will benefit from the Formation Weekend, and that your Retrouvaille community will benefit as well. As a result, the entire Retrouvaille ministry will benefit. So, while relationship is the focus of the Formation Weekend, from these experiences will come the future leaders of Retrouvaille.

What are the goals of the Formation Weekend?

  • Promote personal and couple healing
  • Provide an environment for spiritual growth
  • Create an empowering environment
  • Teach the technique of dialogue
  • Teach writing skills and develop the ability of couples and priests to write and present their story
  • Affirm the couples and priests, and help build their confidence
  • Help couples and priests to incorporate the values of Retrouvaille into their lives