Job Description – Post Weekend Coordinator Couple

Post Weekend Coordinator Couple (2 Year Position)

  • Responsible for attending community meetings and CORE.
  • Responsible for maintaining a schedule of the Post Weekend sessions and verifying facility location availability at least two months prior to each Weekend.
  • Responsible for coordinating couples to present Post Weekend sessions at least two months prior to the Weekend. Assignments are sent to all teams and Board Members.
  • Responsible for maintaining supplies and handouts for Post Weekend sessions.
  • Responsible for getting supplies to the first Post Weekend session and retrieving supplies from the last Post Weekend session.
  • Responsible for notifying Weekend teams of those couples missing the first and subsequent Post Weekend sessions.
  • Responsible for Post Weekend teams calling couples prior to all Post Weekend sessions.
  • Responsible for presenting a summary of the Post Weekend Participant Evaluation form to the community following the completion of each Post Weekend. Maintain the evaluation forms for at least one year.
  • Responsible for having attendance taken at all Post Weekend sessions and sending the final attendance sheet to the Record Keeping and Coordinating couples.
  • Responsible for collecting Volunteer Opportunities Sheet at Post 12 and submitting to Coordinating couples.
  • For the Post Sessions:
    • Unlock the space (make sure you have the key).
    • Set up meeting space.
    • Turn on heat, lights, AC, etc.
    • Arrange table and chairs into horseshoe style if possible.
    • Set up tape recorder.
    • Prepare table for snacks, coffee, tea and/or pot luck food.
    • Have sign-in book and keep attendance record.
    • Have pencils, pens, paper, handouts and extra nametags for each session.
    • Have Retrouvaille brochures available.