Job Description – Publicity/Pulpit Talk Coordinator Couple

Publicity/Pulpit Talk Coordinator Couple (2 Year Position)

  • Responsible for attending community meetings and CORE.
  • Responsible for preparing and mailing bulletin announcements to all parishes in the diocese at least 2 months prior to scheduled Retrouvaille Weekend date. Letter should ask the parish to run the announcement for several weeks.
  • Responsible for placing press release in the Catholic press beginning at least 1 month prior to Weekend dates and getting listing of the Retrouvaille phone number printed on an ongoing basis.
  • Responsible for periodically arranging for newspaper articles promoting and explaining Retrouvaille in city, neighborhood and church newspapers.
  • Responsible for preparing publicity presentation ideas such as World Marriage Day and parish displays for Retrouvaille brochures.
  • Responsible for coordinating pulpit talks, developing teams to give talks, setting schedule for talks.
  • Responsible for contacting local radio and news stations for free advertising possibilities.
  • Responsible for coordinating regional outreach to counselors and family therapist to raise Retrouvaille awareness.

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