Job Description – Weekend Coordinator Couple

Weekend Coordinator Couple (2 Year Position)

  • Responsible for attending community meetings and CORE.
  • Responsible for presenting the Weekend facility selection to the community, as needed.
  • Responsible for assigning couples and priests to present Weekend sessions at least three months prior to the Weekend. Assignments are sent to all teams, Board Members and Prayer Couple Coordinator Couples.
  • Responsible for coordinating with the facility and getting the list of registered couples to the facility by Thursday morning prior to the Weekend (this timing is dependent on the requirements of the facility used).
  • Responsible for maintaining handouts and tapes for Weekend sessions.
  • Responsible for Registration Table on Friday night of the Weekend: assigning room numbers and making sure table is manned.
  • Responsible for coordinating the activities of the Weekend Registration Couple, the Facilities Couple, the Prayer Couple Coordinator and the Supply Couple.
  • Responsible for maintaining a list of greeter couples and scheduling greeters at least two (2) weeks prior to the Weekend.
  • Responsible for preparing name tags for the Weekend (Registration List comes from the Registration Couple).
  • Responsible for preparing meal place cards using couples’ first names only.
  • Responsible for supervising greeters for Friday night of the Weekend to register, greet and help couples get settled.
  • Responsible for informing the Team of any no-shows, cancellations, or late arrivals.
  • Responsible for arranging ground transportation for presenting teams from out of town, when necessary.

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