If you have already attended Retrouvaille, please consider becoming involved in this Christian Peer Ministry for the sake of others.

Will you help?

You may have checked a box on the volunteer sheet at the end of your post program and haven’t heard from anyone yet. That doesn’t mean your help isn’t needed. More likely it’s because someone hasn’t received the information yet or they haven’t had a chance to contact you. Or perhaps you didn’t check a box on a volunteer sheet indicating ways you might be able to help, and you have decided you can offer some time to the Retrouvaille ministry.

We need you!

We need each other to continue offering this ministry to hurting marriages. If you think you’d like to offer your help in any of the following ways, please contact David and Robin, the Community Coordinators, via e-Mail at DavidandRobinK@hotmail.com.

Following are some areas that help is needed regularly. Please dialogue about this, make a mutual decision, and then call or e-Mail to offer your help.

Angel Couples for the Weekend or Post Sessions
These couples help with set up and hosting of the program.

CORE Coordinator Couple

Post Weekend Coordinator Couple

Prayer Coordinator Couple

Publicity/Pulpit Talk Coordinator Couple

Registration/Interview Couple

Weekend Coordinator Couple


For further inquiries, CONTACT US.